Monday, December 17, 2012

The Author of the Self-Writing Story

So I did a thing the other day that I never have before--something that made me feel silly and yet amazingly clever at the same time.

Going through my files (in order to ensure I had the most recent copies both on my hard drive and jump drive), I found a document I didn't recognize by name. Sure, I have a couple dozen so sometimes I have to open up a story and read the first line to remember which one it is--but in this case, I opened it up and discovered a story I'd written four or five months ago and then ABSOLUTELY FORGOTTEN ABOUT.

This was only possible because it was flash--that is, roughly three double-spaced pages long. What I think happened is that I sat down, typed it all out in a burst of inspiration, then saved it and went to work on something bigger. And, seeing as this one was so short and finished so quickly, it never made the move from my short term memory to long term.

I liked the story, reading it over the other day. So much so that I fixed up a thing or two (really, how many fixes can there be in so few pages?) then sent it out.

And then I went into my Master Story Document, which is where I (supposedly) keep track of all my stories, and added this one like I should've four/five months ago.

I don't want to ever lose a story like this again, but in a way it was a nice discovery--almost made me feel like the story wrote itself!

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