Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Writing is Writing Unless it's Bibliography--Then it's Math

It's too late! I missed Monday! There's too much to do!

Ah, well. I knew that would happen when I decided to go full time at school this term. Of course there's no time for writing or editing or blogging--I'm too busy studying and reading, listening to lectures and staring at pictures and just plain homeworking.

Also, I'm spending inordinate amounts of time making up lists of things I need to do when I find the time to do them in. A long list, that; and one that doesn't promise to ease up for, oh, six or seven more weeks.

I'm used to taking multiple classes in a term that's twelve weeks long--being cut down to nine, though it's not much difference, suddenly seems improbable. At least my major is one that involves writing (LOTS of it!) so I'm comfortable not only with my subject, but with proving my competency. I just have to write good papers, which I can do. I think.

My stumbling block is bibliography formatting. Someone please tell me why bibliography form is different from in-text citation form? With one it's all commas and with the other it's all periods and don't get your italics mixed up with your underlines--

If you haven't had to worry about intensive bibliographic formatting this might not sound too stressful but, to me, it's like math. There's a set formula and no matter how you explain it to me, I'm not going to do it right. Something will inevitably miscompute.

Oh well! Those papers aren't due for another five weeks or so!

 All of them.

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