Monday, February 4, 2013

Less Time, More Writing!

One of the problems with being so busy I don't have time to write is ... well ... I don't have time to write!

Let me amend that: I have enough time to write whatever papers are due in class. And then, just when I think I've got a free minute, a new assignment pops up.

In the past couple weeks I've managed to get about 1-2000 words of fiction out. But here's the part where that's not so bad: I've only had about 3 hours in which to sit down and do this writing. Ideally I'd spend more time at it but, compared to my previous ratio of output to time spent, I've actually increased productivity! Whoa!

Why, you may ask? (Just as I did when I realized what I'd accomplished) I'll tell you why--because the story I'm working on right now has a deadline coming up in less than two weeks. And, if I'm going to get it done in time to be sent off (Oh I hope so!), then there's no time to goof around and check Facebook in between sentences and go back and read what I just wrote and look up word definitions and browse fun and interesting facts that may be useful ... In short, I have to cut to the chase and just get working!

I'd have a lot harder time doing it without the urgency. I never realized it was so hard to keep focus until putting aside all the time-wasting and just getting to work.

Which reminds me, I have to get back to homework!

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